Making Rounded Rectangles Look Great (with CSS)

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Mike Rundle of recently posted an article, Making Rounded Rectangles Look Great, on designing rounded rectangles, some design techniques, etc. I recommend you to check out the post and download the PSDs for great inspiration!

I’ve recently worked extensively with re-engineering and re-designing the UX and UI for an online retailer, which involved a lot of paper, Photoshop and CSS (or Sass).

I thought it would be cool to create the buttons from Mike Rundle’s article in pure CSS, so I went ahead and did it. Before checking out the CSS buttons, be sure to check out Mike Rundle’s examples and PSDs for a comparison.

I tried as much as possible to stick with the same colours and transparencies as Mike Rundle’s examples, although there may be slight differences, depending your display and browser.

I’ve also added :hover and :active states to all the buttons, so they’re a bit more exciting. Unfortunately CSS doesn’t provide a simple way to create a masked gradient at an angle, so the Convex example is probably the least similar one. But it still looks great and I wanted to stick with all CSS – could have been achieved with an image mask or simple overlay.

You can check out the result on a separate page. Feel free to grab this .zip containing all the project files: