Preventing iTunes Preview glossy app icon

I recently posted a question on Twitter that was left unanswered.

Multiple online searches also left me without a solution, so I decided to test a possible solution with a new update for an app in the App Store and it turns out I found the answer.

The problem I had can be seen with the Facebook app icon on iTunes Preview on the web:


The Facebook app icon on the iTunes Preview on the web shows the app icon with a glossy overlay, a trend that’s pretty much gone with iOS 7 – and I don’t recall the Facebook app icon having a glossy overlay for years either. If you look at the app in the iTunes App Store or on the App Store on your device it does not have a glossy overlay. Furthermore, the rounding of the icon is also different than App Store previews elsewhere (though my glossy-solution won’t solve that issue).

With Xcode 5 I had moved over to using Image Assets which lets you manage all images for app, including icons used in the app for example, as well as app Launch Images and App Icons:


With Image Assets you can supply various app icon sizes and you do not have to specify them in the app’s .plist and you are also able to specify whether an app icon is pre-rendered (telling Apple not to add a glossy effect for pre-iOS 7 apps). This setting does in fact ensure that you app icon won’t be rendered with a glossy icon on the App Store in iTunes and on devices, but it does not ensure that your app icon won’t have it on iTunes Preview on the web!

In order to get rid of the glossy effect on your app icon, you will have to re-add the UIPrerenderedIcon flag in your app’s .plist and set it to TRUE<. In Xcode this is converted to Icon already includes gloss effects and should be set to YES:


Once you add this flag to your app’s .plist the app icon in iTunes Preview on the web will new render without a glossy overlay! Tada!