Introducing GiftKit – gifting made easy

I love Appirater and enjoy how simple and easy the process of letting users easily review apps in the App Store.

In a previous #idevblogaday post, I wrote about how to get your users to spread the word and their love for your app in a post entitled Assisted word of mouth: Get users to sell your app.

In this post, I wrote about App Store Gifting and how awesome it actually is. To recap: You’ve already sold your app, the user loves it and wants to share his/her love for it. Gifting is a great way to share the app, and once a user has spent $X.XX, they’re usually more apt to want to Gift your app to a friend or someone in their family. Read the post for more insight.

While Gifting was just one of the ideas I included in my post, Gifting really seemed to be the key idea that most people loved and many wanted to include in their apps.

So, today I am releasing GiftKit. It’s basically Appirater, but for gifting.

GiftKit is a small utility class that allows you to prompt your users to Gift the app via the App Store, spreading the love to their friends and family.

Simply add GiftKit to your iOS project and call one of the various methods to increment uses and launches and eventually prompt the user to Gift your app via the App Store.

Simply add GiftKit to your project and call one of the methods provided. Change days/uses/alert text in GiftKit.h to suit your needs.

Optionally, add a Gift this app to allow the user to Gift more times in the same version – or without having to wait for the prompt! Call [GiftKit giftApp] to jump directly to your App’s App Store page.

By default 5 days must have passed before the alert appears. Furthermore, either 15 uses and 25 significant events must occur before the alert appears.

Add -1 to significant events in the header file if you only care about the launch method calls.

Here’s a screenshot of the UIAlertView in action:

Clone the repo here:

Be sure to check for updates, as I might try and improve it a bit later. If you have any ideas feel free to comment or help out on Github :)

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