WWDC in Pictures

What a week. Yesterday I returned from a fantastic week in San Francisco attending WWDC and related parties and events. I met some incredibly talented, incredibly interesting and incredibly fun people throughout the week from all over the world. While it’s stressful and tiring, I wish I had more time to meet even more awesome people. Thanks to everyone who were part of making my second WWDC attendance a blast!

Days have been packed full of amazing and interesting sessions and evenings running to dinner, parties and bar hopping. For this reason, I haven’t managed to prepare anything great for this week’s #idevblogaday post. But I took some pictures throughout the WWDC week, so I thought it would be fun to make a small “WWDC in Pictures” post. The photos are all taken with my phone, so don’t expect amazing shots. But I’ve tried to include various shots of things you don’t necessarily see in the press for example.


Sunday registration

Snack tables were always a big hit. Probably the only thing at WWDC without line-ups, surprisingly!

Typical line-ups for a session. And I was in the front of the line. In the background is another line-up coming towards us.

View going up an escalator of one of the many WWDC banners

Always busy and buzzing in the lobby of Moscone

Line-up for one of the more popular sessions in Presidio

Waiting for a session to begin

Drinks at The Chieftain. Loren Brichter is in this shot.

T-shirts were a big thing this year. Here's an awesome one I got from Mike Piontek (@robotspacer)

TestFlightApp.com's t-shirt. If you wore one in the Keynote line-up you got free breakfast. Awesome marketing.

Great line on the WWDC Bash wristband

Random WWDC Bash photo. Lots of food and drinks!

As Michael Franti & The Spearhead entered the stage everyone was like "Who?". I personally hadn't heard of them but enjoyed the music way more than OK GO. Rock just doesn't do well live if you don't know the songs.

I love this guy. Seriously. He's my hero.

Beach balls!!!

Everybody enjoying the Bash

Line-up for the men's wash room. Worse line of the week - I had had four beers at that point. They even started letting guys into the women's wash room.

Waiting for Wednesday's lunch presentation to start.

Buzz Aldrin's presentation was followed by a Q&A. Notice the patriotic lighting.

Stump the Expert is always a blast.

My last WWDC beer Friday evening at Jillian's watching Canucks beats Bruins with my new German friends from iosphere GmbH. What a week.